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Master Your Poker
Wednesday, April 8TH
The Big Tournaments Are Only A Few Months Away.
Are You Ready?
Want to up your tournament game? Join us for a series of training interviews with leading poker pros on how they approach big tournaments - and close them. 

In this full-day digital training experience, you’ll be met by pros who have won bracelets and taken home 7-figures in winnings. They’ll be sharing their approaches to mindset, game tactics, and more, all for FREE and all accessible from the comfort of your home or office.
You’ll be learning from the very best:
11:00am EST
Alex Foxen
Featured Guest
Late-Stage Short-Handed Play
Alex will share the secret spots that HS players take which low or midstakes players don't even know about - which gives you a serious edge. He’ll also show you how to accumulate chips without risking your stack, and we’ll finish with a discussion on how to balance between patience and aggression when approaching the final table. 
1:00pm EST
Simon Deadman
Blind Defense and Playing OOP
Need to know how to fight back against tough players when defending from the BB? Simon’s got you covered. We’ll dive into his defensive strategies and find out exactly how he manages these high-pressure situations. Simon will also share his strategies for winning pots with weak ranges, which is a speciality he has developed over the years.
3:00pm EST
Ryan Laplante
Adjusting To Different Stack Sizes
In this session, Ryan will be laying down a guide to changing ranges based on stack sizes. This will help you become more agile in your gameplay and cope with changing stacks as the tournament progress.
4:00pm EST
Ryan Leng
Short Stack Secrets
Want to know why being short stacked can actually be a good thing? Ryan is going to show you exactly how to leverage a short stack and how you can play it to your advantage. You’ll learn how to do this all while accumulating chips when <20bb.
5:00pm EST
Chance Kornuth
Closing Poker Tournaments
In this final session, your host Chance Kornuth will pull back the curtain on the strategies that have helped him bring it home in tournaments that he has won. No matter if it’s WSOP or a local tournament, your next game will be changed at its core from the tactics and mindset guidance that Chance shares in this session.
Can’t Make
The Date?
We’ve got you covered. Register for the summit and we’ll provide you with an option to purchase all of the replays from the sessions. You’ll be able to go back at any time and review the lessons shared by our guests and your host, Chance. 
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